George Henry Haydon ( 1822 - 1891)

Haydon was a writer and artist, born Devon, England. Educated mainly by his father who had liberal sympathies, Haydon showed artistic talent and was apprenticed to an architect in Exeter in 1837. Looking for adventure, he arrived in the Theresa at Melbourne in July 1840 with £40 and hopes of a fortune. He worked as a clerk in William Kerr’s bookshop, as an architect designing terraced cottages and then for the newspapers.

Haydon was one of Melbourne’s first drawing masters and also sold sketches to the papers. His sketch of Melbourne brought him belated fame when reproduced in the Australasian Sketcher, 10 July 1875. Most of his drawings were sold for 10s. 6d. or given to friends so that only those in his journals survive. He also collected natural history specimens for friends in England.

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