Harold Thomas Griggs ( 1899 - 1992)

South Australian architects who worked for approximately five decades designing small to medium sized architectural commissions.

Griggs joined the Australian Imperial Force, serving in World War One’s 43rd Battalion as a Signaller. He used his overseas deployments to expand his architectural knowledge. Post-war, he toured Britain, Europe, and New York City, receiving personal instruction in building construction, notably reinforced concrete. Returning to Australia in 1920, he resumed his studies, earning an Architectural Draftsman’s Certificate in 1924. Griggs continued his education and articled training, eventually becoming an Associate of the South Australian Institute of Architects in 1929. He launched a private practice in 1929 and remained professionally active until around 1984. Griggs made significant contributions during World War Two, including designing air raid shelters and contributing to munitions drawings. Later in his career, he worked on earthquake-damaged buildings and showcased the evolution of 20th-century architecture.

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