Johann Doppelmayr ( 1677 - 1750)

Doppelmayr was born in Nuremberg, the son of a merchant who also had an interest in science. He studied at the Aegigien Gymnasium in Nuremberg from 1689 to 1696. After graduating, he attended the University of Altdorf, where his studied law, mathematics, and natural philosophy from 1696 to 1699. He continued his studies in mathematics and physics at the University of Halle until 1700, when he began a two-year period of travel in Germany, Holland, and England. During this time he also learned to speak French, Italian and English. He also studied astronomy and learned to grind and figure his own telescope lenses.
In August 1702 he returned to Nuremberg, and in 1704 was appointed Professor of Mathematics at his alma mater, the Aegigien Gymnasium, where he remained the rest of his life. He wrote on a number of topics, including astronomy, geography, spherical trigonometry, and scientific instruments. He also collaborated in the production of terrestrial and celestial globes. He was a member of several scientific societies, including; The Royal Society of London, Berlin and St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

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