Johann Friedrich von Stulpnagel ( 1786 - 1865)

German cartographer whose father was a Prussian infantry captain. When the war broke out in 1812/13 , he joined the 1st Baden Infantry Regiment of Count Wilhelm von Hochberg’s brigade as a lieutenant. In 1822 an ear ailment that caused almost total deafness forced him to request his departure from the army. Since he had little wealth and little income, he moved to Wandersleben and in 1823 became a draftsman in the geographic institute of Justus Perthes in Gotha . There he worked with the cartographer Adolf Stieler on the continuation and improvement of his ” Handatlas over all parts of the world ” , which appeared for the first time in the years 1817–1823 . On September 10, 1835, Stulpnagel was finally retired from the army and received a pension as a captain. After Adolf Stieler’s death in 1836, he moved to Gotha and continued the map series of his predecessor at Perthes in association with Heinrich Berghaus and Joseph Christoph Bar.

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