J.R.R.-John Rider Roberts (1820 - 1868)

Roberts was a landscape painter, illustrator, surveyor and architect. He was firstly in partnership with Henry Haege as surveyors, civil engineers and architects. One of Roberts’s major artistic activities was ‘improving’ the survey plans he and Haege provided for land auctioneers by adding topographical views of the areas up for subdivision. Roberts was closely associated with the Illustrated Sydney News up until his death. He provided many topographical drawings and was head of the art department. Roberts also ‘tidied up’ drawings from less competent artists before the woodblocks were made. Roberts seems to have been the last of the many proprietors in partnership with its longstanding engraver, printer and publisher, W.G. Mason.

Listed as a painter, architect and surveyor of Hordern Street, Newtown, in 1867, John R. Roberts died of ‘dropsy’ on 30 June 1868.

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