Utagawa Sadahide ( 1807 - 1873)

Utagawa Sadahide (1807-1873) Also known as Gountei Sadahide, was born Hashimoto Kenjiro, in Fusa Province in Shimosa. He joined Utagawa school master Kunisada’s studio in the 1820s and became one of the master’s most prominent students. As a member of the school, he took on Utagawa’s surname, and also used the surname Gountei as an art name, and also used his birth surname as an art name late in his career.

In the 1850s Sadahide produced the series New Overseas Stories, depicting the First Opium War in China. In the 1859 to 1862 he produced a large number of Yokohama-e prints of foreigners and the goods they brought to Japan after the country ended its self-imposed isolation in 1854. Among these prints was the series, Foreigners Viewing Famous Places in Edo.

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