Grimes’s Plan of Sydney.


Charles Grimes (1752 - 1858)

Late C19th reduced version of Grimes map of Sydney. The map covers the areas from Darling Harbour to Farm Cove and contains a key with land holders names.


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Full Title:

Grimes’s Plan of Sydney.




Charles Grimes (1752 - 1858)


Small strip of paper abrasion at left hand side, otherwise in good condition


Hand coloured lithograph.

Image Size: 

x 200mm

Paper Size: 

x 209mm
Grimes's Plan of Sydney. - Antique Map from 1800

Genuine antique



Late C19th reduced version of Grimes map of Sydney. The map covers the areas from Darling Harbour to Farm Cove and contains a key with land holders names.


Charles Grimes (1772-1858) 

Grimes arrived at Sydney on 21 September 1791 on the Gorgon. From there he went to Norfolk Island and surveyed the land of the settlers from the Sirius, he returned briefly to Sydney to report and went back to correct other surveys which had been made without proper instruments.

After returning to Sydney on 4 April 1794 he was stationed first at the Hawkesbury River and then at Toongabbie, where he received a grant of 100 acres (40 ha) which he called Hartwell Farm, but he never became an extensive farmer or landholder. In February 1795 he visited Port Stephens and reported unfavourably on it; he was then appointed a magistrate and superintendent of public concerns at Parramatta. Next year he was engaged in surveys at Concord, the Field of Mars, Prospect, Parramatta, Toongabbie, Hacking River, Portland Place, Hen and Chicken Bay and on the Hawkesbury road; he drew up a general plan of all the settlements.

In July 1800 King sent Grimes as magistrate and superintendent of public works to the Hawkesbury; in November 1801, he explored Hunter’s River; in 1802 he was back at Toongabbie and in November sailed in the Cumberland to examine King’s Island and Port Phillip. He discovered the Yarra River on 2 February 1803 but reported unfavourably on the possibilities of settlement at both.

Granted leave, he sailed on 10 August 1803 in the Porpoise; after she was wrecked off Sandy Cape, 729 miles (1173 km) north of Sydney, he transferred to the Rolla which sailed by way of China and arrived in London in September 1804 after a naval engagement with the French. After this adventurous voyage he stayed in England for twelve months. He returned to Sydney in the Porpoise on 5 August 1806. He made another comprehensive map of the settlements in New South Wales, and in March 1807 departed for Port Dalrymple to survey the County of Cornwall and overland routes to Hobart Town. 

An obelisk to Grimes’s memory, at Dight’s Falls on the Yarra, marks his coming upon that river in 1803.

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