Perameles gunni. Native of Van Diemens Land. [Bandicoot]


William Home Lizars (1788 - 1859)

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Perameles gunni. Native of Van Diemens Land. [Bandicoot]




William Home Lizars (1788 - 1859)


In good condition


Copper engraving with original hand colouring.

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x 95mm


C19th engraving of the Eastern Barred bandicoot.

Common name: Eastern barred bandicoot
Modern binomial name: Perameles gunnii
First described: Gray 1838
Distribution: TAS & VIC

Reference: MOA Pg 182

From The Naturalist’s Library. This series of engravings of Australian mammals, predates Gould’s epic work done in 1863. This is the first issue with fine original hand colouring.


William Home Lizars (1788–1859)

Lizars was born at Edinburgh in 1788. He was an artist and engraver, the son of Daniel Lizars, and brother of the surgeon John Lizars.

His sister Jean (Jane) Home married Sir William Jardine. His father was a publisher and an engraver and Lizars was apprenticed to his father. He furthered his studies at the Trustees’ Academy, Edinburgh. Lizars took over his fathers business on his death. Lizars met J. J. Audubon in Edinburgh in October 1826  and agreed to publish Audubon monumental engravings. Lizars perfected a method of etching which performed the functions of wood-engraving, for illustration of books. He died in Edinburgh on 30 March 1859, leaving a widow and family. Lizars took an active part in the foundation of the Royal Scottish Academy.

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