Plan De La Baye De L'Isle De St Vincent, Une des Ifles du Cap Verd.

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Plan De La Baye De L’Isle De St Vincent, Une des Ifles du Cap Verd.




In good condition.


Copper engraving hand coloured

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x 220mm

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x 253mm


Sao Vincente was discovered on Saint Vincent’s Day in 1462.

It is apart of the Cape Verde archipelago off the west African coast and was colonised by the Portuguese in the C15th and were in an ideal position for trade and transatlantic slavery. By 1975 the islands achieved independence from Portugal and since the 1990’s it has become a developed and democratic African country.

Jaques Nicolas Bellin (1703 - 1772)

The French multifaceted hydrographer and geographer had an incredibly successful 50 year career producing maps. His illustrious career started at just 18 years of age when he was appointed Chief Cartographer to the French Navy in 1721. His attention to detail, accuracy and high standard of workmanship resulted in him playing an integral role to France’s leadership in European cartography. In addition to being the Chief Cartographer of France’s hydrographic office, he was also a member of the Académie de Marine,the Royal Society of London, and the Philosophes (a French intellectual group).

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