Turkey in Asia


Sidney Hall (1788 - 1831)

Detailed map extending from Greece, to the Holy Land and east to Iraq and Iran. From Black’s, General Atlas.

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Full Title:

Turkey in Asia




Sidney Hall (1788 - 1831)


In good condition


Copper engraving with original hand colouring.

Image Size: 

x 270mm
Turkey in Asia - Antique Map from 1851

Genuine antique



Detailed map extending from Greece, to the Holy Land and east to Iraq and Iran.

From Black’s, General Atlas.


Sidney Hall (1788 – 1831)

A London engraver from 1817 to 1860 who worked at first from 18 Strand, and moved to Bury street Bloomsbury in 1819. He engraved general atlases and separate maps for various authors and publishers. Upon his early death – he was only in his 40s – Hall’s business was inherited and continued by his wife, Selina Hall.

Adam Black (1784-1874)

A bookseller, publisher and politician born Edinburgh
son of Charles Black master builde and mason. Educated in Edinburgh and
apprenticed to John Fairbairn bookseller 20 March 1799. In 1804-1807 he
was employed by the London publishers “Lackington, Allen & Co.”,
later operating independently in Edinburgh from 1807. A partnership with
his brother Charles Black and Thomas Underwood, trading in London as
“Underwood, trading in London as “Underwood & Blacks” and in
Edinburgh as “Adam Black” was dissolved 6 March 1813. He took his
nephew, Charles Black into his partnership in 1834 and began trading as A
& C Black.

Black was elected Lord Provost of Edinburgh 1843-1848
and member of Parliament 1856-1865 and consequently retired from the
business in 28 December 1870.


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